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A little about me!

and how I started collecting model aircraft magazines.
(and other things too!)

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Picture of me Hello! My name is David Lloyd-Jones, living in the UK, and in 1947 I started making and flying model aircraft for a hobby, and since that time, it has become an all-consuming passion with me (on reflection, I think it has become an obsession!).

I have tried almost every discipline you can imagine since then, including indoor models (still do), but my main interest nowadays is Radio Controlled models. Being truthful with myself, although I love outdoor free flight modelling, I am too old to run after them any more!

For many years during the aeromodelling time, I had also been a collector of antique toys - in particular tinplate toys and toy trains - (remember "Hornby" Trains?), and one day, I decided that as I collected toys and I was an Aeromodeller too, why was I not collecting model stuff as well - hence started "the rot" !!

By the way, if you have any old tin toys of any description you wish to sell - I still collect them too! (See my "other interests" page!).

So about 30 years ago I started collecting the Aeromodeller magazine again, with the intention of trying to complete a full set.

I had started buying the Aeromodeller with my pocket money as a boy, and my first issue was July 1951. Unfortunately, when I left home, my parents had a clear out (where have you heard that before?), and in my present collection there are absolutely none that originally belonged to me, I am sad to say!

Anyway, as time went on, it became progressively harder to find the "missing" issues, and I found myself having to buy more "mixed bundles" than I required, just to find the ones I needed!

Of course, in time, I started trying to complete other titles I now had oodles of too, and then I found myself with so many "spares", which is why you are now reading this!

I started going to "Swapmeets" with a car full of these spare magazines and found to my surprise, that you guys were collecting them too! After a few visits like this, modellers started telephoning me to ask whether I had a certain copies spare to fill their "gaps".

So it is your entire fault that I am strong in the arm (even if not in the brain) after hauling the boxes of magazines to Swapmeets around the country all these years!

In addition to the "sales" stock, I also have FULL runs of the following magazines from number 1 in my own collection, so if you require a reference, please ask!

UK Titles

Model Aircraft
Radio Control Models and Electronics (RCM&E)
Radio Modeller
Model Aeroplane Constructor
Radio Control Model World (RCMW)
Aviation Modeller International (AMI)
RC Model Flyer

US Titles

Model Airplane News (MAN)
Radio Control Modeler (RCM)

I then started the large "Northwich Swapmeet" 25 years ago, which is dedicated to model aircraft stuff and includes many vintage items plus collectible engine traders in a specific area of the hall which I call "Engine Alley".

I passed on the organisation of the Northwich Swapmeet in approximately 2007 to someone else.

I also organised the very large Swapmeet (a full hangar of goodies!) at the BMFA National Championships (in August each year) for about 15 years, but finally decided about 2008 that it was time for someone else to take it on!

If you wish to know more about the next Annual Northwich Swapmeet event, click on the logo below!

Northwich Swapmeet

Yes, I am nuts, but I believe I am in good company, in this wonderful game of ours! I shall never be a millionaire either - you should see how many magazines I still have left . . . . . !

You can now make payments to me using credit or debit cards by using Paypal from anywhere in the World!.
(There is a small charge of approximately 4% of the total cost including shipping for using this method - but it is the cheapest way of sending UK Sterling from outside of the UK to the United Kingdom!)

Incidentally, if you contact me by way of this Website - please tell me, or leave an entry in my guestbook,so I know my efforts are working!

If you wish to contact me by telephone:

Home: 01565 73 40 40
If you are phoning from outside the UK - please remove the first "0" from the above number, and replace it with "(+)44".
Mobile: 07867 97 11 78

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