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The British Model Flying Association
(The Governing body for UK Aeromodelling)

Mike Woodhouse Freeflight Supplies
(Materials, components, plans, etc for Freeflight enthusiasts)

The best description of building balsa aircraft from plans - ever!!
This site sets out to teach you how to build Balsa models from scratch!

The biggest Model Aircraft Swapmeet in the UK!
(Northwich Swapmeet - The biggest model aircraft swapmeet in the UK!)

Replica nostalgia model plane kits
(REPLIKIT - Masses of reproduction flying plane (short) kits from the 1950's!)

Old magazine site
(Kenny's Old Time Model Airplane Magazine Home Page)

Aircraft Proving Grounds
(A brilliant site for everything model aircraft! )

Vintage C/L plans site
(A brilliant site for vintage control line plans! )

Modifying a servo for 360 degree rotation
(Instructions for changing a servo to 360 degree rotation! )

Self build Electronic gadgets!
(Self build Electronic gadgets! )

Gadgets for the R/C flyer
(More electronic gadgets for the model flyer! )

Cottage Wings
(LONG list of cottage industry model suppliers around the world)

Free Flight Scale Pages
(Mike Smith's excellent site for Free Flight scale enthusiasts!)

Free Flight Scale Pages
(Another excellent Free Flight scale site from Mike Stuart - including the "Eddie Riding" event report)

Society of Antique Modelers (USA)
(Where all the vintage model aircraft movement started!)

Society of Antique Modellers (UK)
(The vintage model aircraft organisation in the UK!)

Model Aeronautical Association of Australia
(The governing body for aeromodelling in Australia! )

Anderson's Blue Book - Vol 4
(Collector's Price Guide For American Model Airplane Engines!)

Free Flight site
(Free Flight specialist suppliers and other stuff! )

Education site
(The complete model aviation education provider for schools and the new modeller!)

Bill and Joan Hannan's Free Flight Scale site
(This site is full of books on Scale, History and Free Flight modelling and Videos!)

Old Timer plans service site
(This site is a great one for reproduced Old Timer plans!)

Christophe's Peanut scale site
(Excellent Peanut scale site site!)

Vintage and classic plans
(Vintage and classic plans!)

Vintage R/C in the USA!
(Vintage R/C specialist site in the USA! )

Comprehensive lists of full size and modelling magazine titles
A site that lists worldwide aeronautical magazines - model and full size!

Aeromodeller and other magazines indices!
This site gives you a FULL INDEX of the contents of "Aeromodeller" mmagazine and other titles from number 1 issue!

R/C Models (Godalming)
(This site specialises in purchasing all your unwanted modelling goods for cash!)

Single channel R/C!
This site is dedicated to early Radio Control!

Nostalgia kicks in . . . . 
(A toy from the 1960's)!
A VERY interesting site dedicated to a model set to construct your own
model houses from miniature bricks.

If you are a bricklayer - you have to look at this!


The following is not a modelling site, but it IS the best domain purchasing site I've found yet!

(Check it out - it's great, easy to set up for your emails - and lets you forget having to tell everyone about your latest ISP change - FOR EVER!

I have found this is the best, quickest, cheapest and RELIABLE domain company around!


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