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I have been asked by a number of visitors to this site, whether a list of individual magazines can be provided here, but with stocks of approximately 5000 magazines and 450 books changing all the time, it is virtually impossible to do!
Just ask me for your wants, and I will reply to you, and tell you which I have at that moment!

Please also note this service I provide is only an extension of my aeromodelling hobby for me - not a full time business, so if you do not get a reply due to my other daily commitments, please remind me by mailing me again - as often as you like!

To see pictures of the rarer items sometimes available, click here "cover pictures"

To read an article on the repair and conservation of magazines, click here "Magazine conservation" or, if you would like to have a French translation (courtesy of Guy Petel) click here"Conservation & Réparation de revues et magasines"

Some of the magazines normally held in stock (if not already sold):

(The following are NOT links to lists of individual magazines - just a sample of titles)

UK Magazines
Aeromodeller, Model Aircraft, Model Aeroplane Contructor, Radio Control Models and Electronics (RCM&E), Model Boats, Model Maker, Radio Modeller, Skyplane, RC Model World (RCMW), Model Flyer, Aviation Modeller International (AMI), Model Maker, Model Cars, Model Mechanic, Model Aviation (Ian Allan series) (See "cover pictures" above), etc. etc. etc!

US Magazines
Model Airplane News,Radio Control Modeler, Flying Models, Model Aviation, Air Trails, Flying Aces, Model Builder, etc. etc. etc!

Australian Magazines
Airborne, Australian Models and Hobbies.

****************     This list is not ALL I stock - it is those I can think of at the moment!    ****************

Remember - only English language literature is normally stocked!

If you want a different title, or can think of any other titles to add to this list, please ask me if I can help - sometimes I can!

The starting and finishing dates of the following magazines are as interpreted by me, and shown below - If you can add or correct the list in any way, please contact me!

UK commercial magazines

"Aeromodeller" - November 1935 to February 2001 (then incorporated in Aviation Modeller International)
"Model Aircraft" - January 1946 to December 1965 (then taken over by Aeromodeller)
"Model Aeroplane Constructor" to May 1936 to October 1938 (then taken over by Aeromodeller)
"Radio Control Models and Electronics" - May 1960 to date
"Radio Modeller" - January 1966 to April 1998 - at which time it was incorporated in RCM&E

"Skyways -

US commercial magazines

"Model Airplane News" - July 1929 to date
(click on magazine title to obtain history)
"Air Trails" - Octopber 1935 to January 1967 when iit changed to
"American Aircraft Modeler"
"Flying Aces" - October 1933 to August 1946, it restarted as
"Flying Models" in June 1947 to 1985
"Radio Control Models"October 1963 to
"Model Aviation" Offical publication of the AMA July 1975 to date
"Model Builder" September 1971 to October 1996

There may be issues that were not published (for whatever reason) during these periods - if you wish to know more,
or can help me correct any of this - please contact me!
If you are missing one issue from your collection - the chances are it might not have been published - so ask me to confirm or otherwise!

You can now make payments to me using credit or debit cards by using Paypal from anywhere in the World!

(There is a small charge of 4% of the total - including shipping - for using this method - but it is the cheapest way of sending UK Sterling from outside of the UK to the United Kingdom!)
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